Be Listened

Be Professional. Be Strategic. Be Relevant in public arenas. Be Listened to. Be ready to move up.


Projects or expert missions successfully achieved in 4 regions


Institutions or organizations that benefited

80 €M

Total amount spent in communication activities launched

Improve your communication

Thanks to our independent advice and the EU funded Technical Assistance programmes

We help public institutions and organisations in planning and managing communication to reach citizens and perform public services. We provide expertise for projects funded by the European Union all around the world.



Define and plan your communication. Use your means efficiently. Be ready for campaigning.


Build or review your institutional identity. Be corporate. Be clear. Be unique. Be visible. Be there.


Get the communication techniques to manage your public relations. Be aware. Understand.

Web improvement

We can help you to improve your website and to update your on-line communication.

Inspiring values


Touching feelings with passion

Increase visibility with clear effective branding, applying branding of  donors and sponsors when necessary in your project.


To inspire everybody around

Open a path proposing smart communication and be the sample others want to follow in full transparency and accountability.


Seeking audience engagement

Connect with citizens through meaningful and targeted public awareness campaigns to promote new or existing services.

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